If you own a sound trigger for your camera you are legally obligated to take photos of a water balloon popping.



2016-08-14_14-21-15 sources

I caught these three balloons popping, then I caught a cold from being all wet.

How to take high speed photos

Each of these seemed boring to me, but I thought if I edited them together in a ball that might be better.




2016-08-14 14.35.26 align layers

  • First I opened all three photos as layers
  • I set the top two layers to 50% opacity to help alignment



2016-08-14 14.35.26 layer 3m

  • First I masked out the boring parts of layer 2



2016-08-14 14.35.26 layer 2m

  • Then I masked out the boring parts of layer 3



2016-08-14 14.35.26 layer 4

  • All that layering left me with this.




2016-08-14 14.35.26 rotated

  • Flipped everything to look more comet-y



2016-08-14 14.35.26 exposure adjustement

  • Cropped in a bit
  • Did an Exposure Adjustment



2016-08-14 14.35.26 Brightness adjustment

  • Did a brightness adjustment.



2016-08-14 14.35.26 burnt out edges

  • Burnt out the edges to complete the comet illusion.