Today we remember that “Twelve Heads Are Better Then One” as an old shot I did gets the Photoshop torture treatment to become something bigger… But I don’t know if it is better… You decide!

I was looking for something to post today, when I came across this photo, which I always liked. Then I thought, we could use more heads!


(Straight Out Of Camera)


Nikon D810
Nikon 70-200mm f/2.8
100 ISO

Four shots a second or so apart…


  • Raised contrast and whites
  • Lowered highlights, shadows and blacks
  • Raised clarity, vibrance and saturation
  • Raised sharpening with masking
  • Lens corrections added


  • Opened in Photoshop as layers
  • Expanded the canvas and moves the first shot I liked to the edge


  • Added in the next shot and cloned out the margin between the two
  • Flipped the shot horizontally as it looked to similar to the last one


  • Added in the third group of birds and masked out the margins between them


  • Then I added in the last group


  • I then added a subtle vignette to encircle the birds


  • And finally I thought that I didn’t do that good a job with the birds bodies, so I added a graduated filter to darken and hopefully make it less obvious

Final Thoughts

This probably doesn’t happen that many times in nature, at least not for an impatient photographer at a zoo, while his family wants to move on to another exhibit.

I may have had better luck if I kept the bodies of the birds farther apart, but then the heads wouldn’t have been so cool.


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