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To make “Small World Photos” you just need to make a photo square, flip it upside down and polar-coordinate filter it…
OK that’s a little overly-simplistic. Lets dive into the minutia of how to make a “Small World” of your own.


Original Photo

You need to have  photo that will look good “Polarized.” You want a strip of similar subjects running left to right on your photo.




This SOOC photo is almost a good candidate for polarizing. The only major issue is that the right and left hand edges are not the same height so there will be a major line of demarcation in the photo if you don’t take some steps to prevent it.



This how you’ll see many “Small Worlds” photos done. Interesting, but I find the line distracting.
To avoid this line you can copy one side to the other, and mask it in, for a seamless transition, and “a more perfect union.”



First I couldn’t help doing some level adjustments in Lightroom before proceeding…
Gotta give T-Dot some due diligence when it comes to tonal adjustments.



This is where you may want to crop the photo. I cropped out the tall buildings here to get both sides on the same level.



Stealing one side of the photo is how I keep everything in balance on these compositions.
After copying over the other side, flip the copy -100% horizontally (EDIT-FREE TRANSFORM then -100% in the W box).



Set the layer opacity to 50% and align the waterline and buildings with the “real” ones.



Set the opacity back to 100% and mask the transition points for a natural looking sky/water/shoreline.
Hopefully no one will notice duplicate buildings.



Well we are not good to go yet… To make a “Polar” you need a square. (Image-Image Size click off the button that keeps the size of the photo relative, then change the smaller size dimension to be the same as the bigger one).
This should stretch the photo up, but that’s good for counteracting the stretching it gets during the process.



Unless you want a “Pipe City” you have to flip the photo upside down (IMAGE-IMAGE ROTATION-180 DEGREES).




Now its time to try out luck here (FILTER-DISTORT-POLAR COORDINATES).



Well that is in the neighborhood of interesting. I don’t like that the CN is pointing down, but we can fix that. Make a copy of that layer (LAYER-DUPLICATE LAYER).
Now spin that world where you want it. (EDIT-FREE TRANSFORM then use the angle box, or grab a corner and spin).  You may need to mask out any weirdness in the sky after you spun it.



Now a crop to put our new planet “center stage.”


Well that turned out OK… Pretty soon it will be cheaper to live on another planet then actually living in Toronto.


Small Worlds

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