Today we catch a jet pilot “Turn and Burn” away, leaving us in his jet wash, causing spilled beer and missing ball caps.


(Straight Out Of Camera)


Nikon D810
Sigma 150-600mm C
200-500 ISO

4 shots less then a second apart


  • Raised exposure, contrast and shadows
  • Lowered highlights and blacks
  • Raised clarity and vibrance
  • Added lens corrections
  • Raised sharpening
  • Raised dehaze





First I laid the photos out in the way I thought made sense…


I didn’t like that the backgrounds were not compatible so I stole this shot from a few seconds later…


Synced the ACR Settings with the other shots…


Cloned out the plane…


Added the first plane in after masking out its sky…


Then added the second and removed its sky…


Did Plane #3…



Then finally I added the fourth plane, which is of course the same plane…

I moved the planes and the background around and re-cropped a bunch of times until I was happy with this.


Final Thoughts

This shot would have been easier to layer if I had the camera on a tripod and didn’t zoom or move the camera so the clouds would match up, but that would have been impossible, as I had no idea where the guy was going to. Plus if you zoom in you get much more detail. I love detail…



When I was doing this, I noticed that the “refine edge” brush in Photoshop had been removed in the newest release. I used this a lot, so I researched what happened to it.
It has been replaced with the “Select and Mask” dialogue. Once I got used to it, it was a big improvement.

Thanks to Aaron Nace for the tutorial!




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