Today we revisit an old friend, as I revisit an edit that really wasn’t that great, but as you get to know Photoshop better, you get better at fixing distortions.

This is the Pano that got me kicked off a roof by security.
I was obviously up to no good, look what I did to the straight lines of the buildings… I had to be stopped!

But in retrospect I did a pretty crappy job on the edit… Lets see if we can rescue T-Dots skyscrapers before they fall!



(Straight Out Of Camera)



Nikon D810
Nikon 24-70mm f/2.8
64 ISO

16 photos




  • Raised exposure, contrast, highlights clarity and vibrance
  • Lowered shadows, blacks and saturation
  • Raised sharpening
  • Added lens corrections



This time around Lightroom did a better job, but lets try its big brother…



Well setting everything to auto didn’t get the best result.

so I deleted the “content aware fill” which was really crazy…

Used “Adaptive Wide Angle” filter to straighten the buildings better then last time…


Cropped out the edges, added a brightness, levels and vibrance adjustment.


Final Thoughts

This was a worth-while revisit to an old city and an old edit. I think this time it looks more realistic, which was the goal I suppose.


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