Today we are surprised to find we are on “Top Of The World MA!” After an edit goes rogue and Photoshop heats up my house to a degree that turned the furnace off for most of the day.


(Straight Out Of Camera)






Nikon D810
Nikon 24-70mm f/2.8
64 ISO
5 shots 1/800s – 1/50s



Combined bracketed shots into single DNG files


Combined the 3 DNGs to a 14000 pixel wide DNG Pano


  • Raised exposure, shadows and whites
  • Lowered highlights and blacks
  • Raised clarity, vibrance and saturation
  • Raised dehaze



  • Fixed distortion in “Adaptive Wide Angle” Filter


  • It needs some clouds, so I stole these ones


  • Masked in the falls, and got rid of most of the shrubs


  • Thought it was too much like other photos Ive done
  • Kinda looks like a angel truck driver going over the falls


  • Its been a while since Ive done “A Small Word” after all…


  • Then I thought this crop was interesting…


Final Thoughts

It would have been nice if the falls were not so hazy, but that’s what happens when water plummets 165 feet.

15X36MP photos were definitely overkill for what ended up being a 20MP photo, or 10MP if you discount the mirroring.

I probably should have tried to avoid that by using a different part of the falls for one side, maybe next time photofans!


Other Shots


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