Here a ketchup packet gets whats coming to it in a photo I call “Through and Through.”

Well you can only take so many shots of paint bubbling up on a speaker cone, before you go out and get a gun.
But before I went all “Dirty Harry” I had to take into consideration that my insurance probably doesn’t cover shooting my camera.
So I made a housing that will catch any ricocheted pellets, and flying debris.



I got some old melamine shelving out of the garage, and nailed it in a V with a top board that connects to the hot shoe of my camera.
This box isn’t light, and puts some stress on my camera hot shoe. I’m careful not to add any extra force on the box, but I should build a better box in the future.




While I was making this box, I also nailed up a background pellet catcher to keep any shots that miss out of the drywall.




Now I’m free to shoot at unsuspecting fruit.



This strawberry had no idea what hit it.





I’m afraid I’m not much of a marksman, especially in the dark shooting at a berry from five feet away while triggering a camera and four flashes.
After several hours I only got a few good shots… Lets edit one of them into something that would make “Dirty Harry” proud…



(Straight Out Of Camera)

Through and Through


Nikon D810
Nikon 105 mm f/2.8
400 ISO




Through and Through


This shot was the best of the bunch, but the exposure wasn’t that great, Lightroom to the rescue!

  • Exposure lowered
  • Highlights, shadows and whites raised
  • Blacks lowered
  • Clarity, vibrance and saturation raised
  • Cropped




Through and Through

  • This detail in this photo is cool, so I cropped in more. Especially good idea as most people will  see it on a 3 inch screen.


Through and Through

  • This shot was two hours into “The Shoot” and the background was covered in fruit pieces and ketchup, so I needed to cleaned up any background problems here with the healing and clone brushes.
  • Removed the “best before date,” as this is definitely expired now.


Lightroomed Again

Through and Through


  • Vignette added to direct the eye to the packet puncture