Today we come across a “Stellar Beach Anomaly” at a local beach…
Unfortunately the news was still mostly focused on President Trump.


(Straight Out Of Camera)


Nikon D7000
Nikon 24-70mm f/2.8
200 ISO


  • Raised exposure, contrast, highlights, shadows and whites
  • Lowered blacks
  • Dehaze added



Well that photo needs some more stars. So I stole the stars from this old panorama I made…

And took out all the stars from the original…


Then I spun the stars and shrank them about 200 times and painted some of the lighter places darker…


And then I flipped the shot and masked the stars into the background of the beach shot.

Final Thoughts

Ive wanted to try this for a while now, and am glad I finally got around to it. Its much easier then I thought. Photoshop didn’t like running that many hi-res smart objects at the same time and slowed everything to a crawl. When I tried to save the file it was over 10 gigs.

I have seen photo magicians build rigs in the past that do this “in camera…” You basically just have to spin the camera on axis, while zooming in over a few hours.

I’ll take Photoshop over that any day.


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Should you want to try this on your own photo sometime…