Here is a photo of “Spinning Paint Pencils” of colored pencils.  Kinda boring right out of the camera, but an interesting moment was caught, so lets see if we can rescue this splatter-festival. Luckily most of the devastation was contained to the paint tent.



(Straight Out Of Camera)

Spinning Paint Pencils


Nikon D810
Nikon 70-200mm f/2.8
70 mm
800 ISO



Spinning Paint Pencils

  • Exposure and contrast raised
  • Highlights and shadows raised



  • Clarity lowered
  • Shadows, whites and blacks lowered



  • Sharpened with masking


Spinning Paint Pencils

  • Cropped





Spinning Paint Pencils

  • Thought it would be cool to change the color of the pencils, so for added interest I stole the colors from the paint.
    It looks like I coordinated the colors, instead of just using a box of dollar store pencils, which fall apart when you sharpen them.


Spinning Paint Pencils


  • Removed any drips
  • Cloned out any weirdness
  • De-cropped a bit