Well it’s been a while since I tried my hand at any sort of web presence. In fact my last major foray into a serious web site was on Geocities.

For any millennials out there, Geocities was a place you could upload an old style static HTML website and it was free, with a little bit of ad space.

I don’t know why Google, Microsoft or some other trillion dollar company doesn’t offer that service these days, but I suppose with Facebook, Instagram, 500px, Tumbler, and a host of other social media sites, sharing your vacation photos of Wallyworld has became much easier then trying to learn what php is.

What is that anyway?

I think this website will primarily be to point people to for tips and techniques on how I shoot and edit my photos. I am often asked the same question from many people and this may be a good place to send them to get answers… Although they may just end up with more questions.

Whenever I am trying something new or just trying to improve my current skill set,  I usually end up on someones blog for specific techniques. So this may be my way of giving back to the detritus of the bloated photography blogosphere.