I discovered a “Pumpkin Breakout” on a hunt for the illusive “interesting – never – done – before” fall color photo. I ended up melting a hole in my desk, as my computer tried to wrangle 30000 pixel wide raw file in an attempt to make something interesting out of it…



(Straight Out Of Camera)


I took 10 photos compositions bracketed at +/- 2 stops for 3 exposures each for a total of 30 shots.
I didn’t know what I was going to do with them, so I just took what is referred to as a “data dump.”
Later I tried to make a nice panorama, but it wasn’t that good, so I thought, lets try making a “Pumpkin World…”



Nikon D810
Nikon 24-70 F/2.8
1/320s, 1/80s, 1/20s
64 ISO




I used Lightroom to make DNG files out of the sets of 3 raw files to leave me with 10 files…
I then tried to stitch those DNGs into a panorama, but Lightroom threw up at the very idea of a 30000 pixel wide raw panorama, so lets try Lightroom’s “big brother.”





Well it stitched the photos together, albeit not that well, come to think of it, I wasn’t on a tripod, so this is what I deserve. Sneaking onto some farmers field made “due diligence” even less likely then usual.



Well I fixed the important line of the “Pumpkin Horizon” with the “Adaptive Wide Angle filter” which produced this kind of boring photo. I might as well just took one shot at 14mm… So I guess with a photo with a clear delineation line, there’s only one thing I can do with it… It’s time to “Polarize!”



To polarize you need to make a square photo first. This can stretch things up, but you are gonna stretch them the other way when you polarize it.



I did my usual trick of copying some bits from one side and flipping it to the other, then masking it in so there isn’t a weird line in the “Pumpkin World.”



I did a test polarize, and found out the pumpkins up close would look real weird, so I cloned them out.



To make a polar that is a world shape, you have to flip the photo 180 degrees…



Then hit the polarize filter



Then I rotated the world to be more in balance…



Then I cropped the square to be less square, making this world more convincing.




And then I fixed the weird stretch distortion that happens in the very center of the polar worlds.


Back to Lightroom




Well that was way too much like a bunch of other worlds I’ve made, and this one had some “Fall color” in it, so I thought Id try my Lightroom “fall color filters” to see if it would be more interesting.


Back to Photoshop


Pumpkin Breakout

I liked the effect, but the pumpkins looked weird, so I exported a copy and layered it onto the original in Photoshop, then I masked out the weird red pumpkins.



Then I wanted to make the “Space” it was in more dynamic with a vignette, so I painted one in…



Pumpkin Breakout

Then I lowered the opacity to get it into the neighborhood of interesting.


Final Thoughts

I thought about adding a jet or something, this needs something but that would probably just distract the eye… A tractor would have been nice, maybe next time kiddies!