Paint Tent

DIY Paint Tent

Divorce-Prevention Tent

Back in my thirties I was obsessed with woodworking, I made a paint tent for finishing my projects with a spray gun. Cleaning the paint sprayer was such a pain that I just went back to wipe on polyurethane.

Fast forward a decade or so, and after seeing a few projects photographing paint in various states of disarray, I finally had a purpose for the tent.

You can build the tent inexpensively. You can use PVC elbows and pipe from your local Home Depot, but a better supplier for hardware is Lee Valley. They make PVC fittings purpose-made for these tents.

To make a basic tent you will need:

  • 8X three way elbows for the corners
  • PVC pipe for tent struts
  • 10-20 PVC clips
  • Plastic vapor barrier or drop cloths to fit tent exterior

I used my incredible math skills to figure out how many pipes I needed. The pipes come in ten foot lengths in these parts. I figured a five foot square would need about 6 ten foot pipes cut in half to make a cube.

If you want a somewhat permanent paint room, use thicker plastic sheeting. If you are going for temporary disposable paint protection you can stick with cheaper thinner plastic.

You can save money by just taping the plastic on, but the clips are quite convenient and are less likely to rip the plastic if you want to reuse it. Clean up is much easier if you give it a day or so to dry before you try to knock it down.