(Straight Out Of Camera)

2016-06-17_23-13-33 SOOC


Nikon D810
Nikon 105mm f/2.8
800 ISO
3 Flashes at 1/128th



2016-06-17_23-13-33 lightroomed


  • Exposure reduced
  • Contrast raised
  • Highlights and shadows lowered



2016-06-17 23.13.33-2 PS L1 leveled

  • Levels Changed



2016-06-17 23.13.33-2 PS L2 Cleaned up

  • Cleaned up any unwanted stuff



2016-06-17 23.13.33-2 PS L3 enlarged balls

  • Enlarged red/yellow ball side



2016-06-17_23-13-33 ballsource 1

  • Stole some small balls from this photo to fill empty areas



2016-06-17 23.13.33-2 PS L4 Added Balls

  • Added paint balls



2016-06-17 23.14.34 ball source .2

  • Stole some larger balls and splats from this photo to add more weight to the left side



2016-06-17 23.13.33-2 PS L5 added balls 2

  • Added bigger balls



2016-06-17 23.13.33-2 hus saturation

  • Changed Hue/Saturation

    Sometimes I wonder if I shouldn’t be cropping in to these photos, as people are typically seeing them on a phone, and the original files are 7360 pixels wide. Plus it feels like your really in there when I do. I dunno. Let me know what you think.