Its time for a “Party for Two” after I finished a tutorial on glass splash photos.
I set up my table for the background info, then I thought I may as well make a new shot… Turns out I’ve kind of played these photos out.

Maybe that’s just how I feel when I’ve gone as far as I can with a technique.
I should buy a drone or something.



(Straight Out Of Camera)




Nikon D810
Nikon 24-70 F/2.8
800 ISO
4 Flashes at 1/64





  • Raised exposure, contrast, highlights and shadows



  • Clarity, vibrance and saturation raised



  • Tone curve set to an S curve



  • Upped the sharpening
  • Noise reduction raised



  • Lens corrections added


Hold it! This is real boring… It may be because I have done this a bunch of times or just this one shot centered in the photo looks like a lot of the other ones I’ve done.

So I thought I’ll raise the stakes a bit, and add another glass into the photo to see if that helps…
I found another shot from the shoot, synced the settings from the one above, and threw that sucker into the mix.
Luckily the glass stuck to the table long enough to catch a few different shots this time.



This photo has a cool splash, and looks quite similar. I thought about flipping it so the sprays went in different directions, but I thought that would look fake, plus the lighting might look off… Maybe next time!

Plus this was easier…





  • Pulled the photo on top of the old one, and masked out the overlap
  • I aligned the glasses with the “rule of thirds” lines



  • I made a levels adjustment for the background. I wanted it all washed out..
    I probably just could have used a white layer, but this may end up looking more realistic



  • I masked out the adjustment layer where the glasses, and the reflection were


Party for Two

  • Painted out the background problems by sampling a background color and painting over any issues
  • Cloned out any problems, specs or anything that displeased me


Party for Two

  • Made a hue/sat adjustment to make the water more pink



  • I added in a vignette by making this layer like this on top of all the others



  • Then blurred that layer with a strong Gaussian blur


Party for Two

  • That seams too strong, so I set the layer opacity to 66%


Party for Two


The upside to photographing glasses spilling, is that it is much less messier then most of the stuff I do, no tent necessary!