I discovered Lot’s wife today while photographing salt on a speaker cone. If only she hadn’t looked back!

This photo was the rare photo that amazed me as it came up on the LCD of my camera. It barely needs editing, but I like to overdo things, so here we go…



(Straight Out Of Camera)

Lot's Wife


Nikon D810
Nikon 105mm f/2.8
400 ISO
4 flashes at 1/128th





  • Exposure down
  • Contrast up
  • Highlights and blacks down
  • Whites and shadows up



Lot's Wife

  • Saturation, vibrance and clarity up
  • Lens corrections
  • Noise reduction
  • Healing brush to get rid of paint splat on background




Lot's Wife


  • Sharpening raised with masking added
  • Adjustment brush to get rid of  a few salt grains that had it coming!





Lot's Wife


  • Levels adjustment for the base of pillar
  • Killed off a few more pesky grains
  • Centered “Lots wife” a little closer to the center… I gotta give the lady her due respect.




Ive never been able to get a good shot of salt before, as it is hard to get a lot of it in focus at once, without it all being in an unphotogenic pile. I tried a bunch of different frequencies, from 15-40Hz.
The fates must have aligned here to give me this result. Maybe the humidity was perfect.
They should start following that on the weather networks… “Its a good day for filming salt explosions in your garage.”


How to take photos with a speaker