Here we catch a small a scale explosion in a shot I call “I Said Lights Out!”

That reminds me of one of my first memory’s as a child. Me and my sister were in the bath tub together, so we must have been around five and three. We were splashing so much that a leak in the floor started to rain down on my fathers head in the basement as he “watched the game.”

We heard a commotion coming up the stars, then the door flung open to reveal one pissed off father… After reading us the riot act, I remember him hitting the push-button light switch so hard that the switch plate exploded and fell on the floor.

That really can freak you out as a kid… Dude was so pissed off he broke the house!


(Straight Out Of Camera)



Nikon D810
Nikon 24-70mm f/2.8
400 ISO


  • Raised exposure, contrast, shadows and whites
  • Lowered highlights and blacks
  • Raised clarity, vibrance and saturation



I thought this would be more epic if the bulb was floating in air, after a few attempts at wiring a bare bulb, and nearly electrocuting myself, I thought, oh, yah… Photoshop!


So I took a shot of a base of a bulb…


Then I added it into the photo.


I really like the detail on this one…


Final Thoughts

I think this photo was helped along by the new dimmer switch I put in. I set the bulb at around half power, which my be why it didn’t burn out faster. Photoshop was much easier then trying to make some Frankenstein electrocution device to make the bulb float. Next time I may try an off center angled bulb and adding a reflection.

I like how the quicker moving shards have some motion burr but most of the bigger slower moving pieces got caught well with the flash. Almost looks fake.

Other Shots

With this shoot, I tried to get some good shots without the use of a sound trigger. I run-and-gunned at 5fps trying to get a good explosion photo. I was surprised out of 7 bulbs I caught 3 good explosions. My foot petal remote came in handy here.





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