Hot Shots
Canadian ConTrails
Buzzing The CN
A Splash of Lime
Staying Prepared
Getting Bombed
The Island Of Symmetry Discovered
Nutty Progression
Color Launch
Where There’s Smoke, There’s Fire
Pink Percussion
Back and to the Left
Hot Shot
Reach For The Sky!
Jet Propelled Balloon
Impact Cavitation
Seeing Red
Head Up In The Clouds
Blowing Your Top
Sending Smurf Signals
Glass Fusion
RGB Toss Up
The Paint Hits The Fan
Tungsten Flambé
Vulture Vs Canadian Government
Defective Lemons
Getting Sloshed
Fantasy Island
Toronto Revisit
Getting Lit
Freak Rock Formation
Premature Celebration
I Like Big Nuts and I Cannot Lie
Bringing Out The Big Guns
Top Of The World MA!
Shot Through The Heart
Caterpillar V2.0
Buzzing The Tower
Colorized Rorschach Test
Imperial Assault
Checking Your Weapon
Taking the Top-Down Approach
Ineffective Lighthouse
Turn and Burn
Freak Storm Strikes Beer
Some Leakage May Occur
Twelve Heads Are Better Then One
Candy Floss Nuke
Stellar Beach Anomaly
A Stream of Color
Epic Watershed
The Eagle Has Landed!
Mollusk Surface Breach
Wet Work
Space Bacteria Attack!
Incandescent Ignition
Making a Splash
Party Pooping
Paint Party
Family Bath Time Fun
Pink Hour
Saying Goodbye To “The Year With No Chill”
Tossing out the Leftovers
Checking For Foot Fungus
Ink Jellyfish
The Mucus Wars: Day One
Leaving Christmas Behind
Pass the “Christmas Cheer”
Holiday Splash
Hold on to Your Hat!
Have a Smashing Christmas!
What a Glasshole!
I Said Lights Out!
Rainbow Explosion
Going Deep
Christmas is Cancelled!
Avatar Tear
Turning on the Waterworks
The Event Horizon
Instant Omelet
Cutting the Cord
Can’t Beat The Real Thing
Portable Wave
Seussian Christmas Tree
Niagara Falls V2.0
Tumbling Dice
Canadian Birds Fly South for the Winter
Blue Hour
Clown Gas
Aliens Visit Forest
The Dark Tower
Containment Breach
Zero Gravity Bouquet
Blue Spaghetti
Paint Vs Magnetism
Bad Parking Job
One Hot Ass
Coming Out Of Both Ends
A Splash Of Color
Red Meets Blue
Light My Fire
Pitching Up
Formation Flying
Ignition Sequence Start
Blue Crush
Pink Splashdown
Off My Branch!
Losing Containment
Paint Outbreak
Trump Surveys Wall Sample
Coffee Shot
Monkey Contemplates U.S. Election
Waterfall Closeup
Exploding Paint Heart
Peeling a Balloon
Magnetic Mountainscape
Keep It Down Down There!
A Forest of Pumpkins
The Body Worlds Exhibit: Home Edition
Monster Drink Escape
Nut Fixation
Color Wave
Getting Flashed
Pumpkin Breakout
Toronto’s Alien Orbs
The Shooting the Shot, Shot
I Reject Your Reality… And Substitute My Own!
Lake Leak
Bokeh Bomb
The Chicago Underworld
Andorian Ale Vs Aldebaran Whiskey
Candy-Floss Clouds
Party for Two
Smattering of Fall Color
Pachyderm Pacasso
Moon-Lit Waterfall
Cherry Flavored Hazmat Spill
Ricochet Regurgitation
Ricochet Regurgitation
Flamboyant Party Crasher
Hungry Hungry Hippo
Rock Bottom
Defying Gravity
Cherry Coke Bombs
Green Clouds
Shattered Reality
Kevlar Balloon
Shoot For The Moon!
Getting Smashed
Through and Through
The Fortress of Solitude Self Destructs!
Neuron Splash
Writers Block
Photographing Ferrofluid
Pink Tornado
Explosive Decompression
Paint Dancers
Canadian Beer Run
A Beast Mines Microgametophytes
Paint Drone
Exit The Premises!
The River of Liquid Nitrogen
The River of Liquid Nitrogen
Drinking in the Bokeh
In Space, No One Can Hear You Drink
Trunk Club Meeting
Spinning Paint Pencils
Canadian Recycling Program
Lot’s Wife
Thats No Deathstar… Thats a Moon!
Chain Drop
Christmas Came Early!
Colorful Sound Wave
Lighthouse Starfield
Painting With Magnets
Guarding the Door
Drinking in the Dew
Crane Decaged
Eating On The Fly
Tew’s Falls
The Cold Winter Blues
Glass Splash
Fall Gorge
Seeing Double
Say Hello To My Little Friend!
Ten Year Time Lapse
You Should Not Neglect Your Gums
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Pigment Percussion
Color Alchemy
Daisy Chain
Checking Reception
80’s Hair
Make It Rain
Glancing Blow
Dueling Smoke Monsters
Water Comet Threatens Earth!
Four Dimensional Niagara Falls
Taking A Load Off
Waiting For The Boat Home
Paint Shrapnel
Smokey Straws
Revisiting an Edit
Silk Waterfall
So it begins…