Here we “Have a Smashing Christmas!” as 2 Christmas tree bulbs are shot, in accordance with tradition.


(Straight Out Of Camera)


Nikon D810
Nikon 105mm f/2.8
400 ISO


  • Raised shadows and whites
  • Lowered exposure, highlights and blacks
  • Raised clarity, vibrance and saturation
  • Used the adjustment brush to dodge out the background



Have a Smashing Christmas!

  • Got rid of the strings
  • Cleaned any issues
  • Levels adjustments


Final Thoughts

OK now that Ive reviewed the photo I think its kinda weird that the brown bulb is just floating there. One bulb floating is weird, but two seams stupid, so I pulled the balls back into Photoshop and cloned out the left bulb and changed the canvas to highlight the exploding death star bulb.


Somewhat off topic is the thought that I now see how the Kennedy Assassination may have actually happened the way the Warren Commission said it did. I shot these bulbs from the right side, and somehow the entrance wound looks like an exit wound.

I guess Ill have to do more experiments to explain “Tower 7” and “Contrails” next. Bigfoot is on his own.


Other Shots

I tried a shoot through background this time, but it kinda messed with the colors a bit.











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