This panorama idea came to me last year when I realized I had visited Niagara Falls three seasons in under a year. The winter had been the coldest on record and the summer was the hottest on record… According to people who want you to believe that “Water World” is an inevitable conclusion of industry, anyway.

I thought I might be able to align the three panoramas I’d done on each visit.



4 shot panorama stitched

[Group 80]-2015-02-07 16.57.46_2015-02-07 16.57.50-4 images


Nikon D7000
Nikon 70-200mm F2.8
100 ISO




4 shot panorama stitched

2015-05-06 20.03.05-2EXIF:

Nikon D810
Nikon 24-70 f/2.8
64 ISO




5 shot panorama stitched

panorama 3EXIF:

Nikon D7000
Nikon 24-70 F//2.8
200 ISO



layer 1
Realizing that winter pano was the biggest and offered the most coverage, I started from it as a place to start. Plus the year starts in winter.




layer 2

Unfortunately Photoshop threw up trying to align the winter photo with the spring photo, understandable as these photos were taken from different times, places, focal length, and one had snow.
I aligned them manually, and since they are pretty close to the same plane, it wasn’t that difficult. I just lowered the opacity on the top layer and used the building and the last waterfall as a guide.



layer 3

No dice trying to align these either, and I had to go manual again.



Now that the photos are aligned and I had a bigger shot for the summer photo I thought that would be better for the right hand side of the photo… Plus conveniently summer comes after spring.
I first tried a solid line mask between the two, but discovered that would make any bad alignments become more obvious.



mask layer 2

I decided a feathered mask would be a cooler transition between the photos.
Here is the first photo masking winter into spring.




mask layer 3

Here is the mask for spring going into fall.



Now after all that, all that was left was to crop the photo as big as possible.

2015-05-06 20.03.05-2