Here we are “Cutting the Cord” as we get a shot of a light bulb lit with no wires.


Killed off the reflections at the back of the bulb with white paper…


Then killed off the front reflections with a dark shroud.

I ended up using a regular light bulb as the old-school hamster-cage bulb had too many reflections.


(Straight Out Of Camera)


Nikon D810
Nikon 24-70mm f/2.8
400 ISO



Layered the two photos in Photoshop as smart objects, then changed their levels in Adobe Camera Raw

  • Lowered highlights, shadows and blacks
  • Raised clarity
  • Adjustment brushes to raised some highlights and lower some blacks

  • Raised exposure and clarity
  • Lowered highlights and blacks


Layered the bulb on the bottom layer…


Rotated the bulb base, lowered the opacity and aligned it with the base bulb…


Set the opacity back to full and masked out everything but the base


Then masked out everything on the bulb layer but the bulb


Cleaned up the bulb interior reflections and specks


Combined the whole document into a smart object and rotated to make the bulb look like it was lying flat…


Made a copy of the smart object and flipped it vertically…


Painted all the background black…


Used a Gaussian blur filter on the bub refection, then masked out the bottom of the reflected bulb…


Went back into camera raw and changed the levels on the base, then cropped into the image.

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