This is one of my favorite photos. It really happened organically. It went from one of my speaker paint photos into a “Paint Small World” photo.

Make Paint Dance


(Straight Out Of Camera)

2016-06-17_21-44-19 SOOCEXIF:

Nikon D810
Nikon 105mm f/2.8
800 ISO
Flash at 1/128th




2016-06-17_21-44-19 lightroomed

  • Contrast lowered
  • Shadows raised
  • Highlights lowered



2016-06-17 21.44.19 photoshoped

  • Burnt out any weirdness


After this edit I thought this might be cool as a polar-coordinate, or “Small World” photo.

I didn’t think that it was long enough to pull it off. Luckily I had taken 4 good shots during that shoot that were similar enough but not exactly the same, so it would look organic if I made a panorama of all four and used that.

2016-06-17 21.44.19 four photos L2

To make the colors blend the best, I flipped two of the photos so that the colors ran into each other.

To make a working “Polar-Cordinate,” you need to have a square photo. When you make it in Photoshop it stretches the pixels wider, so I stretched the photos up so it would even out in the end.


2016-06-17 21.44.19 four photos flipped

To get a “Small World” you have to flip the photo upside down.



Paint Small World

After running the filter on the “upside-down-pano” this is what Photoshop spat out.



Paint Small World

I thought that the black hole in the middle looked like an Indian arrow head, so I cloned over some splat to make it look more “arrowy.”



Paint Small World

Then I thought it looked more like a computer cursor, so I rotated it to be at the same angle as one.