A “Cherry Flavored Hazmat Spill” was initiated in my garage as a can of Cherry Coke gave its life for the sake of a good photo…



I tried the new “Coke Life” and by try, I mean I bought a six pack of mini cans and shot at them.




The size of the can to the pressure of the coke to the size of the pellet, seamed to put on a great show.



The problem, other then my poor marksmanship, was the cans tended to spin and flip and generally give some ill-tempered behaviors, making a good shot harder then it had to be.



Its not hard to imagine that if you shoot a pressurized can from a gun lined up with your eyes, that a jet of sugary liquid will then spray you in the face.



And a lot of times the can will just fly away.



So I built a quick clamping jig to keep the can under control, and to allow me to get a good shot.
Unfortunately I had “blown” through all my mini cans, and had to resort to the good stuff.

Lets boot up our super-computers to see if we can make anything out of this mess…



(Straight Out Of Camera)



Nikon D810
Nikon 105 mm f/2.8
400 ISO




  • Cropped
  • Exposure, highlights, shadows and whites raised
  • Blacks lowered



  • Clarity, vibrance and saturation raised



  • Radial filter to give a vignette around the spill


The sweet smell of Cherry Coke fizz did not ease my mood as my entire garage and photo equipment became a sticky mess.

Maybe next time Ill shoot up some detergent to clean up the place!