Here is a photo of “Cherry Coke Bombs” created in Photoshop after throwing cans into an aquarium and using flash to freeze the motion.

Up here in the “Great White North” we rarely get Cherry Coke. All the Diet Lime or Lemon or Coke Zero you can drink. One day at Costco they had cases of Cherry Coke, and I picked up a case.

Later that month I went on a diet… Any diet you go on really should include not drinking sugar water, so the “soda” stayed in the basement, until I found a new way to use them.



I was dropping cherries into water, when I thought, why not some Cherry Coke?



(Straight Out Of Camera)





Nikon D7000
Nikon 24-70mm f/2.8
100 ISO





  • Exposure and contrast raised
  • Highlights and blacks lowered
  • Shadows and whites raised
  • Clarity, vibrance and saturation raised

Some of these shots were interesting, but I thought why not ramp it up and throw them all in the drink together?





First I lined all the shots up on a black background


Cherry Coke Bombs

Then masked all the edges too look like they were all dunked at the same time.


Luckily I’ve since given up on the diet and am just drinking jugs of corn syrup mixed with bacon grease.