This is an uneventful shot, but I thought Id get into detail here.

I couldn’t decide if I wanted the wings included in the photo, but as always, “if your photos are boring, get closer.”

I think they mean get physically closer, not just crop in later on… Oh well.



(Straight Out Of Camera)

2015-05-07_12-57-24 SOOC


Nikon D810
Nikon 105mm f/2.8
400 ISO



2015-05-07_12-57-24 Lightroomed

  • Contrast and exposure increased
  • Highlights lowered
  • Shadows raised
  • Clarity, Vibrance and Saturation increased



2015-05-07_12-57-24 cropped

  • Cropped



2015-05-07 12.57.24 FS 1 Cleaned up


  • Cleaned up a bit
  • Cloned out any specs and garbage



2015-05-07 12.57.24 FS 2 Brightness contrast

  • Brightness/Contrast Adjustments



2015-05-07 12.57.24 FS 3 Levels

  • Level Adjustments



2015-05-07 12.57.24 FS 4 curves

  • S Curve Adjustments