Today we catch a stunning display of aeronautics as a plane is caught “Buzzing The Tower” Top-Gun style…


(Straight Out Of Camera)


Nikon D810
Sigma 150-600 C
900 ISO



  • Cropped
  • Raised contrast, shadows and whites
  • Lowered highlights and blacks
  • Raised clarity, vibrance and saturation.
  • HSL adjustments for the yellow
  • Raised sharpening with masking



Well that’s an awesome plane, and I caught a good shot, if you excuse the noise.

We have to do something about that background.


I found this throw away shot of Chicago for the background…


That’s better.


But the clouds sucked, so I thought Id use these since I am no longer dealing with reality…


So I masked that sky into Chicago with the plane and added a bit of con-trail blur.


And why not add a vignette to help focus the eye on that amazing jet?



Well I forgot to address the noise, but better late then never.
I used my 400 ISO preset, as 800 ISO made it a bit muddy.


Final Thoughts

This is a completely disingenuous photo, as after 9/11 no pilot would come the close to a big city, as they’d probably get a missile up the butt…
Even Maverick and Iceman wouldn’t get away with it, they’d end up reuniting with Goose!


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